Norman is a very good injury lawyer.

“My daughter and I were in a car accident about a year ago. Norman told us up front about everything that was going to happen. He got us medical treatment because we had no insurance. He got us a good settlement. I could not be more happy. If I ever have an accident again I will call no one but Norman Fernandez.”

Peggy S., a Car Accident client

Fernandez is one heck of a lawyer

“My family and I were in a bad car accident. Our insurance company tried to deny that we had liability insurance which would have left us stuck only being able to collect out of pocket money. Lawyer Fernandez got involved and took care of everything. Not only did our insurance company cover us for liability on the car that we bought less than 30 days before the accident, Lawyer Fernandez got my family a good chunk of money including me, my wife, and my kids. He also got us doctor treatment when we did not have medical insurance. Lawyer Fernandez is the only Lawyer I would ever go to if god forbid we were hurt in an accident again.”

Otis O., a Car Accident client

I am so happy he got me a lot of money.

“I am so happy with Norman Fernandez. He got me more money than I have ever seen in my life.I had another attorney on this case but they did not return my calls and then they wanted me to pay money out of my pocket to file the case. I fired them and hired Norman.Thank you Norman the money you got me is going to allow me to buy a house.”

Kathy, a Car Accident client

He just won me $130,000 at trial.

“I had a bad trip and fall at 7-11. Norman did a one week jury trial for me and got me $130,000. He is the best attorney i have ever seen.”

B. Kim, a Slip and Fall client

Best lawyer ever

“I have used Mr. Fernandez for several of my cases. He has got me money on each case.”

Bill, a Personal Injury client

Outstanding service

“I was hit by a car while crossing street in crosswalk. Mr. Fernandez got my medical bills paid, got me doctors for my long therapy, and got me very good money. He has saved my family.”

Bella Singh, a Car Accident client

Mr. Fernandez is the best.

“My family was in a terrible car accident. Mr. Fernandez and his firm got me a very quick total loss payment from the girl who his us. My wife and I were both injured as well as our kids. After we were done treating with the doctor, Mr. Fernandez got us a very nice settlement on our case. We were able to put a down payment on a new house with the money he got us. Nothing will take away from the pain and anguish we went through in the crash, but without Mr. Fernandez we would not have our new house. Since that time my wife was on a bus going to work that crashed. Mr. Fernandez is now working that case as well. I can honestly say that I would use no other lawyer for personal injury than Mr. Fernandez.”

John B., a Car Accident client

Norm saved my leg and got me money

“I almost lost my leg in an accident. Norm got me medical treatment and a lot of money. If is was not for him I do not know where I would be right now.”

Richard, a Personal Injury client

A Great Lawyer

“I did not know I had a case. I called Norman, he gave me a consultation over the phone, and got me a great settlement.”

a Car Accident client

Norm is a great attorney.

“What can I say except great things about this man. He got me a lot of money. He got me medical treatment. I will always go back to himl.”

a Personal Injury client

Mr. Fernandez is the best attorney I have ever used.

“I have used Mr. Fernandez on 3 seperate personal injury matters. He got me substanial settlement money on each one. I would never use any other personal injury lawyer in California.”

a Car Accident client

Norm is the best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

“Norman Fernandez got my motorcycle fixed, and he got me good money on my motorcycle accident case.”

a Motorcycle Accident client