Family Law Attorneys in California

Our Law Firm handles family law matters in Los Angeles County, and Orange County.

We have the best rates for family law in Southern California. We charge $999 down and $179 per hour for most family law matters. We also offer fixed fee service for certain types of family law matters, and limited scope representation, which means that you can hire us to do a portion of the work on your case if you do not have the funds to retain us for your entire matter. Call us now for a free consultation at 949-383-5523.

Full Service Family Law Representation

Going through a legal separation or a divorce is highly emotional and complex legal process, especially when children, property, and pensions are involved. We understand this process, and will attempt to take you through it with as little grief as possible, while trying to save you money.

Some of the legal issues involved in a typical divorce case are:

  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Distribution of Community Property, and
  • Distribution of separate property

The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez will competently and diligently represent you in your California family law matter.

In order to save you and your family money, our firm will wherever possible seek an amicable settlement of the issues involved in your case. We do this through 4-way settlement conferences, private mediation, and settlement negotiations.

If settlement is not possible we will then aggressively litigate your family law case to a full resolution.

Our rates are very reasonable compared to some other law firms

Our law firm offers many unique features for our family law clients. All our clients have access to our secured management system so that they can look at all documents related to their case from their computer, tablet or smart phone. Our clients can video conference with our law firm, plus we can email all documents to our clients in PDF format so you no longer have to worry about tons of paperwork.

All of our unique features save our clients money.

Limited Representation

We offer limited representation on family law matters as allowed by California law.

We can be hired only for document preparation, pre-marital agreements (pre-nuptial agreements), martial agreements, co-habitation agreements, appearances, and more.

To inquire about hiring us on a limited basis, you may call us at 818-584-8831 x.1 for a free quote. Please note that if a consultation is required the below applies.

Free Initial Telephone Consultations

We do free consultations over the phone for family law matters in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Call now 949-33-5523

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