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The Law offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez & Associates is a premier California State Wide Personal Injury Law Firm, and a law firm that handles Family Law cases in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

If you have been the victim of negligence and suffered a recent personal injury, it is time to call Law Offices of Norman G. Fernandez. In our 19 years working with clients throughout the Santa Ana area, we have made sure to work tirelessly in achieving the results they want and compensation they deserve. 

Suffering through a terrible personal injury in the Santa Ana area does not mean you must handle matters alone. We here at Law Offices of Norman G. Fernandez believe that those who are injured due to the negligence of another can benefit from our personal injury services in having their rights observed and their owed-compensation received. 

Depending on your circumstances, retaining your rights in your personal injury case may require fast action. The legal professionals of Law Offices of Norman G. Fernandez act quickly in making sure your case meets procedural rules and standards. If you are from the Santa Ana area, trust our 19 years of experience to provide fast and proper counsel.

Contact our office at (800) 816-1529 to protect your personal injury case today!

Santa Ana area law can be tricky, but local insurance companies will know their way around it. If you have suffered from a situation involving personal injury matters, you deserve proper representation.

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